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Hombourg-Haut (Upper Homburg)

On the paths of the pilgrims of St. James
Lorraine, section Hérapel - St. Avold - Metz

Former collegiate church “St. Étienne”

N49° 7’ 36.01", E6° 46’ 48.12"

End of 13th/15th century, rich medieval furnishings, among others: vault keystone with spandrel heads in the chapel of St. Nicholas (13th century), ashlar on the outer facade with medieval stonemasons’ marks or signatures.

St. Catherine’s Chapel

N49° 7’ 50.34", E6° 47’ 6.89"

13. Former house chapel of a knightly family: Gothic foliage capital with bird torso in the interior.

Drei Männer vor Kirchenmauer präsentieren eine Steintafel

Fig: Inauguration of the information board at the church “St. Étienne” in Hombourg-Haut.