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Former catholic parish church

N49° 16’ 44.39", E7° 2’ 13.58"

The so-called “Alte Turm” of Dudweiler is the preserved remains of the medieval parish church (probably St. Peter’s or St. Mary’s), which was built before 1350 and became Protestant after 1575. Dudweiler was first mentioned as an independent parish in 1360. It is a choir tower, with domed sound openings and a gable roof. The first floor with cross-ribbed vaulting, brackets and tracery windows housed the chancel of the church. On the west side of the “old tower” traces of the roof supports of the medieval and Baroque nave can still be seen.

St. Mary’s Catholic Parish Church

N49° 16’ 37.31", E7° 2’ 14.59"

In today’s Catholic parish church of St. Mary in Dudweiler, dating from 1864, a rare late medieval Pietà - a Mother of God with the dead son on her lap - can be seen. This colorfully painted Pietà, or vesper image, was probably carved from linden wood by a local sculptor in the 15th century. The original place of this Pietà of St. Marien in Dudweiler was in the former medieval church, of which today still the so-called “Alte Turm” is preserved. There it probably stood on an altar of Mary, in front of which the locals, but also pilgrims, held their devotions.