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Images and thoughts about being on the road along the paths of the pilgrims of St. James

Sometimes the time is ripe to set off and explore new paths. This is the context of the 1000-year cultural history of the European pilgrimage routes of St. James. The European model project “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” links this myth with the origins of the European idea in the Greater Region. “Being on the road and searching for traces under the Milky Way and along the sunken medieval pilgrimage routes in our homeland offers something like the painting ground for those inner images that allow us to understand life better and make us inventive in a new way for sustainable forms of living,” writes the idea generator and director of this model project, Peter Michael Lupp, in the accompanying “poetic” illustrated book.

Note: The event offers a good opportunity to prepare the content of the author’s guided pilgrimage walks.

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Location: Am Kirchberg 1, old school Naßweiler, Großrosseln
Duration: 1.5 h
Price: 5,- €
Course leader: Peter Michael Lupp, Cultural Officer Regionalverband Saarbrücken
Contact: VHS Regionalverband Saarbrücken, Tel. 0049 681 / 506-4343,,

Registration required.


Date: Tuesday, 19.3.2024
Time: 19:00
Course number: AP9212

Date: Tuesday, 18.6.2024
Time: 18:00
Course Number: AP1304