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The traveling angel from St. Martin’s Church in Köllerbach

Painting and children’s book for young artists is reissued

In 2023, St. Martin’s Church in Kölln will celebrate the anniversary of its first mention in 1223. To mark the anniversary, a revised and expanded version of the popular coloring book for children of elementary school age (7 to 12 years) has now been reissued. The publisher is the “Evangelische Martinskirche zu Kölln” Foundation in cooperation with the Saarbrücken Regional Association.

Cultural monuments such as St. Martin’s Church are repositories of knowledge that keep cultural history alive and create regional identity. In doing so, we would also like to reach the upcoming generation, who will recognize the knowledge and also the values that this special building conveys, in order to preserve and pass on this treasure.

Pfarrer der Martinskirche zur Intention der Publikation

One of the angels depicted in the medieval ceiling painting in the choir of St. Martin’s Church becomes the leading figure of the coloring and children’s book for young artists. He holds a “Heavenly Ladder” in his hands and therefore becomes the “Traveling Angel” - who proudly describes the exciting story of his home to the children, but also inspires them to go on excursions to other historical buildings in the immediate vicinity.

The travel angel’s enthusiasm about “seine” church is contagious and makes you want to learn about the art-historical features of the cultural monument from his point of view and to look at them with your own eyes during a visit. Likewise, children become aware of the value of a cultural monument. The illustrations in the children’s book, juxtaposed with photographs, show all the important features of the medieval sacred building and encourage the children to color them into colorful pictures. The young artists can use the preserved models in the church as a guide and, in addition to learning about the history of art, also learn something about the colors of the Middle Ages, which were made from natural substances at the time. Naturally “fügelt” the traveling angel also likes to visit the surrounding area. For this purpose, he has chosen his friend “Jakob”, who is also depicted in the ceiling painting, as his travel advisor. In this way, children with their school classes or parents are encouraged to hike the Köller Valley as pilgrims of St. James, which is signposted as a loop within the European model project “Sternenweg/Chemin des étoiles”. A small “treasure map” is also included in the coloring book.

The first edition of the monument educational coloring booklet for children was already published in 2003. The idea generator and author is Peter Michael Lupp, who as the cultural officer of the Saarbrücken Regional Association has for years been realizing cross-generational art and culture education within the framework of a wide variety of exemplary projects. The illustrations were provided by the Saarland artist, art educator and illustrator Axel C. Gross, who unfortunately passed away in 2016. With the support of graphic designer Elke Birkelbach, the extended narrative strand was able to creatively complement the publication.

On the occasion of the Open Monument Day in 2023, there will be a reading and exhibition in St. Martin’s Church with works by the young artists, which were created as a competition in connection with the publication.

More information about the new edition

The traveling angel from St. Martin’s Church in Köllerbach
Second enlarged edition 2023 (first edition 2003), 24 pages with foldout
Idea, concept and text: Peter Michael Lupp, Cultural Officer Regional Association Saarbrücken
Illustration: Axel C. Gross († 2016), artist and educator
Photos: Georg Albert, Maurice Jelinski, Marc Kettemann, Peter Michael Lupp
Graphics and collaboration (revision, extension): Elke Birkelbach
(Basic layout 2003: Regionalverband Saarbrücken, Thomas Salzmann)

Nominal fee: 5,00 € (plus shipping)

Sources of supply

Protestant parish of Kölln
Pastor Prof. Dr. Joachim Conrad
Sprenger Street 28
66346 Püttlingen
Phone 0049 6806 / 43 22 (9 a.m. to 12 noon)

Tourist Information in Saarbrücken Castle
Phone: 0049 681 / 506 60 06


Peter Michael Lupp (1958), cultural officer of the Regional Association of Saarbrücken, consultant for endogenous regional development, initiator of the network of places of art and culture in the Regional Association of Saarbrücken and of the European model project Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles. Curator of numerous site-specific art projects. Author of many publications on cultural heritage, cultural history, art projects in the Saarbrücken region or in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau. Member of the Landesdenkmalrat des Saarlandes and of the scientific advisory board of the Martinskirche Köllerbach.

Axel C. Gross (1947-2016), Saarland artist, art educator and illustrator of numerous children’s and school books. Co-founder and developer of the Bosener Mühle art center. Initiator of the"Symposia of the landscape" in Nohfelden. One of the focal points of his artistic work is the graphic documentation of historic buildings in the Saar-Lor-Lux region in order to counteract their gradual loss. Numerous publications as well as group and individual representations at home and abroad.

This booklet is intended as a contribution to cultural education for sustainable development in the Saarbrücken region. It aims to release creative energies in children of elementary school age and to create an awareness for the preservation of our cultural heritage. Through encounters with art and cultural history and the possibility of creative self-expression, the experience of “beauty” and aesthetic perception can be promoted in the process. The behavior of this growing generation will determine practical action in the valorization of our cultural landscape in the coming decades.

Peter Michael Lupp über die Neuauflage