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Turning War into Peace - A Call for Peace and Immediate End to the War in Ukraine

It is with great shock that we see the war in Ukraine and the suffering caused by this avoidable violence. The funding we urgently need worldwide for competent teachers, nurses, social workers and especially for climate change is being thwarted by investments in missiles, tanks and cyber weapons!

Waging wars is not a law of nature. Humans invented wars, so this idea of power and resolution of conflicts is reversible. People can [collectively] consciously decide against wars as a means of conflict resolution and every single vote counts!

We call on you to raise your voice non-violently against this war and the violence and injustice associated with it! Set a sign with your possibilities - in thoughts, words, gestures and actions!

Pray [interfaith] in your own way for healing! Solidarize with the people who are directly affected by this war. Spread your message of peace in all available networks!

Gemälde einer verletzten Flügelschwinge
Inner peace   Above the battlefields of senseless wars the silence demands as nowhere else the view to the bottom of the soul of humanity to the seed of inner peace whose seed next to that of fear in each of us in each one of us   Do you nurture your inner peace you nourish the seed which does not know wars

Peter Michael Lupp

Кращий світ можливий!
A better world is possible!