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Corona crisis

A European model project sets waymarks

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Time for new thinking + action

In the current situation, change seems to be inevitably on the horizon. Feeling sheltered and secure is a great challenge in times when an invisible danger overrides worldly certainties. Now, perhaps, a time is dawning in which the ALWAYS is questioned and a return to the healing ritual of reduction to essentials goes along with it. The other invisible force, which nourishes our souls and can connect timelessly, steps - so I feel it at least - out of the shadows. Standstill as reconnection?

On closer inspection, the Corona crisis can possibly also be understood as an invitation for each of us to take a stand and to react. Perhaps we can even show with our possibilities of being on the way and the “way art” how it could go on among us humans after the crisis. The only answer to this crisis will be actions! They will create either one [withered] or another [healing] future.

The key question is therefore: Who are we today? And who will we be when this crisis is over? What deeds will follow from us then to bring salvation to creation with all its human and non-human beings? Now is the time to ask these questions and to let inspiring thoughts be followed by deeds. We are meant - also as pilgrims on the way of knowledge along the stars of Europe!

In this sense, the crisis requires first of all solidarity and help for all those who need support in our environment! On another level we can also understand this crisis as a chance of a “way art” to a further thinking and acting into a better world. What will we do differently with the help of the empathy breathed into all of us when we have survived this crisis?

You are invited to trace this thought and to spread it with your possibilities. Pilgrimage connects! Against this background, we have expanded the guiding message of the Sternenweg.

Let us go into the future with a new way of thinking + acting. A better world is possible!

Peter Michael Lupp
April 2020
CORONA   Immune reaction of the earth Hostile takeover in the life stream of mankind An invisible third party purges the crown of creation   Fragile at last before the world court Nations wrestle for the ranks   Under divided sky the mortal drives the fear   Seemingly groundless the disaster Immune weak the curable   But when above us our doctors’ lips tremble Despair reveals reason and truth:   When world machines wear out senselessly Earth-heating eternally multiply Instead of teaching people empathically respecting life   Remains Climate fast changing Creation without miracle Divine without spark Biosphere without diversity Togetherness without Forgetherness Man without dignity World without peace Knowledge without wisdom Life without grace Future without reverberation[t] …and Corona without chance   Who will we be in the morning after Corona?

Peter Michael Lupp

Current voice

In these so precarious times of pandemic and quarantine, I have rediscovered for myself your book about the “Starry Path”. And it came like this: Actually, these days I wanted to regularly practice again a personal ritual or retreat that usually accompanies me only through the time of the high feast days in the church year: The daily listening to Gregorian chorales. For about 30 years I have been using the wonderful recordings of the Choralschola of Capella Antiqua München (conducted by Konrad Ruhland). The day before yesterday, while listening, my eyes fell on the bookcase where your book is on the top shelf. I picked it up and began to browse through it while listening

Accompanied by the music, which after all had important roots in the Carolingian period in the Metz area, the images and texts of your volume gained a new, very special fascination. And vice versa: the ancient monkish prayers and melodies gained a very fresh touch through the visual accompaniment.

My current experience: The book - together with the music - can “ground” and “uplift” you at the same time in these times of crisis. Man does not live by bread alone…


Ulrich Grober freier Journalist (u.a. ZEIT), Publizist und Buchautor, Experte für Nachhaltigkeit. „Wortforscher“. Lebt in Marl/Ruhrgebiet.