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Scallop stone and information point at Mont Ste-Odile

On the initiative of the president of the Association “Les Amis de St. Jaques en Alsace”, Evelyn Studer and with the support of the “St. Jakobus-Gesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz-Saarland e. V.” could be achieved that directly in front of the monastery church a scallop shell stone from Saarbrücken and an information stele about the project have found a worthy place. This scallop stone is thus located at the highest point of the entire project, at an altitude of around 800 meters, and will inform thousands of pilgrims every year about the project “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles”.

On May 17, 2014, the stele was solemnly inaugurated, more than 80 pilgrims from Alsace, Palatinate, Saarland and Lorraine attended the ceremony. The rector of Mount Odile, Père Patrick Koehler, personally blessed the scallop shell stone and the new information stele and was pleased that Mount Odile has thus become another symbolic station of the “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” project. The project is to develop in the coming years between Wissembourg and Colmar selectively. This route axis has very important testimonies of medieval architectural culture.

A wine label of the Alsatian St. James Society shows St. James as a pilgrim from the stone relief of the St. James Chapel in Mutzig.