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The floor works decorated with stars refer to the name “Starry Way” used for the pilgrimage routes of St. James since the Middle Ages. Star motifs, which can be discovered in work stones or wall paintings of various cultural monuments of the region, served as models. Almost all the stars are based on variants of a construction principle of medieval building geometry. Under the guidance of a stone sculptor, each individual star was carved into fieldstone based on the medieval patterns.

The surviving historical models are shown on the interactive map with a white star outlined in red.

Stars in the city entrance bands

In the Saarpfalz district and the Saarbrücken region, a wide variety of star motifs can be found on the right-hand side of each town entrance ribbon to welcome pilgrims. The individual motifs are based on regional historical models.

The left side of the cross-border ribbons is also emblazoned with the star of the neighboring Lorraine Hombourg-Hauts, they say “Bienvenue”.

Special entrances to the village

As an exception, the entrance to Medelsheim is decorated with a relief of stars.

The entrance band in front of the Wintringer farm is decorated with a repaired historical embroidery with a new star stone.


On the southern route near Auersmacher and on the northern route before Blieskastel, the stone stars each form an entire field of stars, a campus stellae. Here, the many hand-made “sample stones” were mainly collected by young people from the Saarpfalz district and the Saarbrücken region. Another special feature can be found on the so-called “Ghost Bridge”, which leads over the northern route of the Way of St. James to Saarbrücken-St. Arnual to the collegiate church. Here, hand-painted stars trace the Milky Way/Voie Lacteé across the central segment of the bridge.

Interactive map with stars