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On the paths of the pilgrims of St. James
Palatinate | South Route on the Haardt Axis

Cemetery chapel

N 49° 12’ 17.6", E 7° 57’ 28.5"

Formerly chapel “Zu Unserer Lieben Frau”. Consecrated in 1429, with Gothic style elements, secco murals about the life of Mary, the childhood of Jesus and the Passion of Christ from the mid-15th century. The mountain cemetery in Annweiler was established in 1660.

Trifels Castle

N 49° 11’ 46.38", E 7° 58’ 42.24"

11. Century, castle ruins Anebos (12th century), Scharfenberg mint (11th century).

Evangelical parish church

N 49° 12’ 9.54", E 7° 57’ 42.02"

Church tower 14th c., raised in 1753 with a dome.

The chapel “Zu unserer lieben Frau”, located at the mountain cemetery in Annweiler, which was built in 1660 and consecrated in 1429, becomes a reference point in the European model project and was decorated on Sat., April 23, 2022, with a waymark - a stone scallop shell and the corresponding information board.