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On the paths of the pilgrims of St. James
Route Mainz - Tholey

Prot. church

N49° 34’ 35", E7° 37’ 6"

So-called. Two-church (11th-16th c.), wall and ceiling painting (14th-15th c.)

This medieval cultural monument was decorated with a stone scallop shell as part of the European model project.

Setting a Way(sign), July 2019, Pastor Kira Seel and Sigrun Kossmann receive the stone scallop shell and information sign in front of their church.

The Zweikirche of Rutsweiler is an important place of remembrance and cross-generational reference point in our homeland. We are pleased that our church is now seen and understood in community with other such cultural sites in the region and, above all, that people can discover our church when they go on pilgrimage along the “Sternenweg”.

Kira Seel, Pfarrerin