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On the paths of the pilgrims of St. James
Route Mainz - Tholey

Disibodenberg Monastery Ruin

N49° 46’ 35.7", E7° 42’ 4.3"

In the 7th century baptistery and hermitage of St. Disibodus. In the 12th century Benedictine abbey with women’s convent (residence of St. Hildegard of Bingen), from the middle of the 13th century Cistercian abbey. In today’s monastery museum important remains of Romanesque and Gothic architectural culture.

This medieval cultural monument was decorated with a stone scallop shell as part of the European model project.

The Disibodenberg monastery ruins near Odernheim became an important point of reference as part of World Pilgrimage Day on July 25, 2019. An information board inaugurated.

The Disboden Mountain has been attracting people for over 1000 years. Until the present, many of them are also on the road as pilgrims. It is people who stop at this magical place. We are pleased now also one of the reference points of the European model project Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles. The guiding idea of the project will certainly inspire our guests here on site also impulses and answers to pressing questions of the present to receive.

Luise von Racknitz, Vorsitzende der Disibodenberger Scivias-Stiftung, Stefan Hartman, Geschäftsführer

We see ourselves on Disbodenberg as a pilgrimage station on the Sternenweg, which also leads people to us off the beaten path. The guiding theme also resonates in our guided tours and on site there is information about the project and two pilgrim stamps.

Gaby Wahn, Kunsthistorikerin

Hildegard von Bingen’s visions already echo the canon of values of a contemporary Europe. The “Sternenweg” sign at the former gate of the monastery makes this a theme.

Ulrike Lindemann, Patin und Gästeführerin auf dem Disibodenberg

The medieval cultural monuments in the district of Bad Kreuznach, in particular the monastery ruins on the Disibodenberg, are among my personal favorite places in my homeland. I consider it particularly important to discover the other important cultural sites in the region beyond one’s own “church towers”. The idea of the Sternenweg makes use of this aspect and thus reflects the feeling of togetherness in a large European region.

Bettina Dickes, Landrätin des Landkreises Bad Kreuznach